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The Porsche Evolution GT - (Built on a Porsche Boxter 986) 

Porsche Evolution GT (Built on a Porsche Boxster 986) was designed with styling cues from the Gemballa Mirage GT. This conversion is available as self-build or we can factory build for you. 
The Evolution GT conversion is based on Porsche Boxster 986 model and is a fairly straight forward install. 
The conversion was designed to utilise as many factory mounting locations as possible 
The build requires removing all front-end panels and replacing with our new ones. The rear quarters will require to be bonded on. The remaining parts are mostly bolt on.  
We are in process of doing an installation video but in meantime feel free to contact us for any advice.  
Fully built front headlights can be ordered with kit. Rear lights are genuine Porsche 991 Gen 1 items. 
Kit Content 
Turismo Evolution GT based on Porsche Boxster 986 
1 x Front Bumper 
1 x Bonnet with 4 x Canards 
2 x Front Wings 
2 x Side Skirts 
2 x Rear Quarters 
1 x Rear Bumper 
1 x Rear Diffuser 
1 x Rear Spoiler 
1 x Boot Panel 
2 x Door Panels 
From £6995 
Optional Extras 
(Further images are available on the 'BUY NOW' sections) 
Avalanche GT Mirrors - £400 
These Avalanche GT mirrors can add the Carrera GT look.  
Supplied with original mirror blanking plates . 
You will need to refit original electric motor and wiring. 
Front Splitter - £150 
Fit to lower section of bumper. 
Comes supplied in black finish. 
Fully-Built Headlights - £650 
The kit already comes with the shell 4 rings and headlight cover should you wish to self-complete. 
However, if you prefer fully built units then we can also supply fully built headlights, both for right and left-hand drive. 
We install Morimoto projector units with scrolling DRL lamps. 
Units come fully painted in black body and come with MR2 specific connector and all looms. 
You only need to colour the headlight ring and fit. 
Speedster Panel - £399 
This is a speedster panel that bolts over the soft top. Can also fit standard 986 
Also has optional centre vent at additional £200 
Porsche GTRS Mirrors - £400 
These are latest design for the car and will require original motors being fitted. 
Do we ship internationally? 
Yes we can ship our kits to most locations.  
Please fill in our shipping form selecting required kit to receive a quote. 
Do you have a fitting video? 
We are in process of making a detailed fitting guide on all aspects of fitting our kits 
What additional items do I need to complete a conversion? 
You will require: 
A coilover suspension kit. We can advise and supply one. 
Front headlight assembly. We supply the shells for you to assemble or you can buy fully built units in our additional items section. 
Rear lights. We use Porsche 911 Gen 1 items which can be purchased online or we can source for you as required. 
Wheels. You have options of using spacers on standard wheels. Alternatively you can have custom split rims. Please enquire  
Exhaust system. We can supply the tips used on our cars and get your local shop to supply custom built sytem. 
Mesh kit for bumpers. We can supply suitable mesh, as required. 
Do you offer technical support? 
You are free to call us or Whatsapp call for any advise.  
We excel due to our customer service support and we are available to help and advise on any issues. 
Please do not hesitate to get in touch! 
The process involves removing all body panels from the existing vehicle except both doors and boot lid, the new panels manufactured GRP are then fitted. 
The process involves: 
Custom front lights and Porsche 911 rear lights installed 
Our bespoke Exhaust system fitted 
Coil-Over Suspension fitted 
Custom split rims fitted 
The vehicle will then undergo our extensive body prep and paint programme 
Finally, we install custom interior upgrades 
We are also able to offer power upgrades from 50BHP to over 500BHP increase 
Enquire now. 
Fill in the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly 
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