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How does it work? 
It is basically an air cylinder on top of your coilover. Normally you will drive low, without the cups pressurized. Whenever you need to pass an obstacle, such as a speed bump or a driveway, you can apply pressure to the cups and it will raise your car by 50mm. 
A perfect combination between air ride and coilovers. With air cup suspension you keep the ride quality and performance of your coilovers and have the ability to raise your car with the push of a button. A great system for show, track, drift or daily driven cars. 
The air cup lift system will fit on 90% of any brand coilovers with straight springs.  
However, your coilover must meet a certain dimensional requirement, otherwise, the system will not fit. 
The best thing about air cup suspension is that it does not affect the ride quality and performance of your coilovers. 
Complete kits 
Air cup kits are available as complete front and front + rear kits with all the parts you need, ready to install. 
The air cups are made from high grade, hard anodised construction aluminium for the best quality and come with a worldwide two-year warranty. 
Fitment requirement 
The air cups will fit any brand coilovers, as long as they meet the requirements. Make sure the dimensions match your coilover, we strongly recommend measuring with a caliper. If your coilovers have other dimensions or you need any help, please contact us. 
Linear springs 
The air cup lift system will only fit on linear springs, it will not fit on ''shaped'' springs as shown in the figure. If you have ''shaped'' springs, it's most times possible to install linear springs. 
High spring rates 
If you're using extreme high spring rates, higher than the original rates that came with your coilovers, then it's possible that you can't use the full 50mm lift from the air cups. Due to the extreme high spring rates, the weight of the car won't compress the springs and damper enough to create a stroke for the air cups to lift. This can be solved by using helper springs. Contact us for more info. 
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